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Delivering A Modern Digital Experience

SDS provides web design, development, and software services that help businesses adapt and scale. With an in-house development team, we produce results, reliability, and a return on investment.

With our extensive knowledge of the cloud, SDS can run your website, backend and mobile services. Offering full platform management & maintenance, giving you confidence in your platform’s ability to deliver.

Frontend Development

Utilising latest web technologies like React, Next.js, we develop large scale web applications, mobile applications & software. Delivering on functionality & great UX.

Backend & APIs

Require something advanced? Need a platform to power your next big idea? Our team of engineers is able to develop high-performing backend systems & APIs integrating with a wide range of systems.


Whether you require a new app for internal business solutions or a commerce mobile app, SDS can design and develop professional mobile applications for iOS & Android. 

A Digital Agency With A Focus OnYour End User Results

We focus on what matters for you and your business. SDS is a digital agency that not only focuses on design but ensures that functionality meets the expectations of your users. Websites, mobile apps and our APIs go through extensive testing. We let all of our clients have access to our staging sites so that they know exactly what the end result will be. 

Why Choose SDS?

Have peace of mind that we will deliver on your software, web, and mobile needs. Through a team of expert engineers & frontend and mobile teams, SDS delivers on your requirements.  Leading projects from inception to delivery.  We can work alongside your existing teams or create a pop-up dev squad to deliver your project.  

Our Technology

SDS use popular technologies and frameworks in the industry, keeping up with the latest standards and improvements. Your website or software is not just built to last for 1 or 2 months but for many years to come. Providing longevity is key to SDS. Reliability is paramount for your clients with SDS offering 99% availability. 

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Our websites load in under 2 seconds.

Whether it is an e-commerce website, informational, or a fully-fledged booking system. Further improving your techncial SEO, we perform optimisations such as CSS minification, JS optimisation, removing unused HTML, and prerendering pages to deliver that optimal PERFORMANCE that your business needs. 

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