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Ccino Vino approached us to create a feature-rich, responsive website to showcase their world foods restaurant in style and asked for it to be ready for their opening night. With a short turnaround, we would need to create a website which would show off their food, provide opening times and contact details and provide an easy means of contact. The website would also need to show off the menu to prospective diners, provide a table reservation system and also a provide a full takeaway ordering system.

The client needed us to ensure that both the seat reservation and takeaway system would be intuitive and easy to manage. The takeaway system would need to be active only during the restaurant’s opening hours and be able to handle card payments securely.


We created a modern, intuitive and responsive website for Ccino Vino and ensured that it was delivered in time for their opening night. We made a menu that was interactive and easy to navigate, a gallery to show off the pictures of their mouth-watering food and ensured that every page included links to their Social Media pages and provided an easy means of getting in contact.

We added a bookings system which allows customers to specify the number of people attending and book their tables in advance and we taught the client how to use this system effectively so that they would be able to confirm their client’s bookings and get in contact easily if they needed to.

The takeaway system allows online ordering only within the hours that the restaurant specifies. Each menu item is customisable where there are extra options available and where items are customised prior to adding to the basket, the prices are automatically calculated and updated. The entire website was fully secured and for the takeaway ordering we implemented a 3D secure payment system to prevent fraudulent activity. We delivered this system alongside a customised mobile application which would alert the kitchen of any new incoming orders and would help them to manage their orders in real time.

We also created the Google Business Listing and performed Search Engine Optimization to ensure Ccino Vino is highly visible and easily accessible.

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