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We build responsive and modern websites using technologies like React.js, Next.js as well as WordPress & Elementor. With a specific focus on performance and SEO, our websites are responsive, fast and scalable. 

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Web Development that exceed your expectations

Our websites are built to impress. They are designed with you and your brand in mind so that they are able to tell your story and focus on your product. 

We believe strongly on the right tool for the right task. There are many use cases for a WordPress website as well as a fully bespoke React or Next.js platform. SDS work with you to ensure the right tool is selected for your project. 

Businesses with a slow loading website leave a negative impression on 45% of their customers - digital.com

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Almost 50% of consumers expect a site to load in less than 3 seconds.

What does a new website bring?

There is a pretty high chance that you already have an online presence. So you might be wondering what benefits a new website actually brings. There are many reasons but let’s dive into a few. 


To start off, every year there are new design trends and 2023 is no different. Now we don’t recommend changing your website every year as usually some of these design trends are very subtle. However, we do recommend a refresh every few years as a new look reflects the personality of the business. 


Another reason why you may be after a new website is that you are wanting to kick off an SEO campaign. A lot of the times a powerful SEO is heavily dependant on your website and having a poor performing website will not help you achieve the results you are after. Our web development teams can create a brand new modern and functional website in under 2 weeks so there is no need to worry that a new website is going to take FOREVER to launch! 



Do you have a strategically placed call to action? Can you easily grow your subscribers and increase the number of users subscribed to your newsletter? 

A new website can aid in increasing your monthly subscribers so that you can build a loyal customer base. Modern websites have enticing offers to engage customers and make them sign up to a newsletter.  Are you able to add dynamic offers such as 10% off if you subscribe on your current website? If the answer is no, then reach out to SDS to see how we can help!

Do I need a WordPress Website Or Bespoke?

Firstly, a WordPress website does not necessarily mean that it is not bespoke. In fact, there are thousands of websites that have bespoke designs and are powered by WordPress. At SDS we use Elementor to build high-performing bespoke designs.

WordPress is a CRM system. Essentially it is a platform that is able to handle various elements like blogs, articles, and pages with ease. It enables you to manage and structure your content easily. 

WordPress has a massive community support and a wide range of plugins available that can extend the functionality of the core WordPress offering. Need to sell a few products? No problem. Need a website to launch your next restaurant? Sure! 

Management and maintenance is a big part of having a long lasting website. For a lot of businesses you don’t want to have massive monthly outgoing costs just for the basic maintenance and updates. This is where having a WordPress website can be really beneficial. Easy patching and monthly updates can be applied and as there is a massive team and community you can be assured that security fixes will occur on a regular basis. 

Bespoke solutions like Contentful and fully custom React websites are designed to power websites generating millions of page views a month. 

There does come a time when you may have outgrown your WordPress powered website. Don’t get us wrong, WordPress can power tens of thousands of page views a month with ease. However, when you get into the millions, scalability becomes a bit of an issue. 

This is where websites that are powered by React can help you get to the next level. These systems are distributed and can scale horizontally to meet the demands of your users. You can also reach users all across the globe using tools like edge locations to deliver the content from the closest server to the user. These things are not typically easily achievable with a WordPress website. 

So you might be wondering why not just start off with a React website from the get-go? Well, first of all, there are higher initial development fees associated with a bespoke website. Monthly maintenance and development fees also need to be accounted for as making small UI changes will not be possible without having a developer or development team nearby. 


It is important to also understand the use cases between the two different systems. A WordPress website will typically power a website that contains blogs, booking functionality, e-commerce, where React and fully bespoke systems can be used to power a whole platform. Think of a platform like Twitter, AirBnb or Instagram. Large scale platforms can be built using React, however, in our opinion might be a bit of an overkill if you are a business owner looking to improve your online presence. 

Book A Free Website Check Today

Let us perform a website analysis and provide you with a free report on your current website performance. Our report includes the following: 

  • Technical SEO Report
  • Check Site Health
  • Site Performance Test
  • Validate HTML Structure